Mathias – Bass

After I had my introduction to the heavy genre by True and Power Metal and sticked to that area for a while, I have by now opened myself up to a broad spectrum of different kinds of Metal and music in general. That is why I do not only listen to a handpicked selection of bands from the dreaded area of genres that end on "core", but also increasingly continue to apprechiate the more progressive blends of heavy music. Apart from that, I listen to everything from more atmospheric, sometimes even medievally influenced or orchestrally supported pieces up to more brutal Death Metal. More generally speaking I am especially hooked not only when music weaves interesting rhythmic and/or melodic figures, but also when it succedes in delivering a certain energy. Considering music that is a little less heavy, I love me some Blues and Blues Rock and therefore play in a few projects of those genres on the side.
If I am not currently playing or listening to music I like doing some weight training (though my enthusiasm still outweighs my progress ;)) and throw some barbells around or to indulge in general PC-nerd-stuff.