Don't Drop The Sword
Who we are and what we stand for
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the past, 'Don't Drop The Sword' unites local underground legends in battle for their passion: playing fast and epic heavy metal music! Fronted by ex-Improved Gods singer 'Anti' and enforced by the remains of Distorted Perfection, 'Don't Drop The Sword' resurrects well-known individuals from the local underground scene. In addition, highly talented newcomers complete this new force to be reckoned with. 'Don't Drop The Sword' stands for fast and epic old-school power metal. Time seems to stand still in the eyes of the true believer. We won't back down, we won't conform, we won't drop the sword of heavy metal! Feel free to join us in our fight for music that tells the story of our lives. We grew up listening to bands like Blind Guardian, HammerFall, Manowar and many more. Their music guided us throughout our lives. Now it's time to give something back. We will try to carry the heavy torch onward into battle. We might fall, but we will do our very best to keep the fight going. As long as we all believe, we can make a difference. Let's fight this fight together! Don't drop the sword!!!